Managing Jewish Immovable Heritage

April 25, 2013 @ 11:30

Going forward and discussion on issues for the future; strategizing, information exchange; developing and using Jewish Heritage Europe; feasibility of creating an “ask the experts” Jewish Heritage Task Force. Going on from the Bratislava Statement. The brief presentations are aimed at introducing discussion.

Chair: Ruth Ellen Gruber

Leonard Rutgers: how to involve the EU (for funding), and if we decide this is worthwhile, how to go about it in terms of constituting a group that could do a presentation in Brussels.
Meilach Bindinger (Lo-Tishkach) — a number of ideas concerning enhanced collaboration between institutions and the use of new digital technologies. (Maybe in cemetery session)
Ivan Ceresnjes (Center for Jewish Art): Collection, research and identification of Jewish historical, cultural and religious heritage as a basis for proposing system’s protection.

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